Parking Lot Strippings


Whether you're striping your own parking lot or hiring a company to paint yours, there are some things to consider. The first step is the parking lot's layout. A parking lot striper is designed to paint a circle five to ten yards in diameter. To ensure that the circle is straight and even, set the front caster wheel to the turning point of the arc. After this step, test drive your parking lot striper before you begin painting.
When it comes to choosing a company to apply your parking lot line striping, preparation is key. The asphalt surface must be free of any debris or puddles. This is why many property managers invest in gas-powered blowers to keep their parking lots free from mud and leaves. The blower is also a smart business investment since it can be used for more than just striping. You'll also want to choose a striping company with experience in parking lot striping. You can click here for more info on hoe to get the best parking lot stripping expert.
The paint you choose should adhere well to the asphalt or concrete. If you're on a budget, water-based paint is a good choice. Make sure to allow at least 24 hours between applications and ensure that the paint is dry. Also, try to avoid striping your lot in the rain. If the rain is expected for a few days, it's best to re-stripe your lot. The striping contractor will have the proper equipment, stencils, and knowledge of regulations.
In addition to making your parking lot easier to navigate, line striping helps you comply with the ADA. Non-compliant properties are subject to fines and could even be held liable for injuries caused by non-compliant parking areas. Line striping also helps you make the most of your parking spaces and improves traffic flow. In addition, it accommodates more visitors. Brightly colored paint on black asphalt gives clear direction and signals that the parking lot is well-maintained.
A properly marked parking lot is vital to prevent accidents. This helps protect customers and employees. It also protects the business owner from lawsuits. People who park poorly marked lots can take up a handicap parking space because the spaces are not clearly marked. And, as you can see, poorly marked parking lots can look unsightly. Adding a few lines is a great way to increase aesthetic appeal. If you're planning to resurface your parking lot, hire the sealcoating and striping firm and don't forget to turn off the sprinkler systems a few hours before you start painting.
In addition to parking lot striping, you should also consider the ADA. According to the law, all parking spaces must have aisle ways of at least 22 feet for two-way traffic and twelve feet for one-way traffic. ADA signage must be on the pavement or on an upright sign. Ensure that you're ADA compliant with parking lot striping by hiring a professional company. A poorly-striped parking lot is subject to lawsuits and may need to be redone.

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